New Cross Creatives – Georgie Glass

A place to celebrate the brightest sparks in the local and wider Manchester area, New Cross Creatives shines a light on the creative talents that thrive here.


Whether born and raised here or have grown to call the city home, the people and businesses that form Manchester’s creative hub tell us what makes the area such a great place to hone their craft.


Most recently, we spoke to Georgie Glass, 28, a freelance professional lifestyle photographer to talk photoshoots, and why Manchester is the right place to develop her growing business.

Georgie’s focus is on commercial and editorial shots, specialising in food, drink, portraiture and location photography. Her work takes her all over the country, but she’s born and bred in Manchester.


“I was born in Heald Green, which is basically the Bermuda Triangle of Manchester, it’s not sure if it’s Manchester, Cheshire or Stockport. I was actually raised in Gatley, before moving to Hong Kong as a teenager, where my passion for photography really took off.”


Georgie continued, “when I was at uni in the Midlands, everyone who was graduating had always moved to London. They’d tell me London was where the best gigs are, or I’d never make it outside of London. Well, I’ve always been a sucker for proving people wrong. I did a couple of internships down there but didn’t like the vibe. All the hustle and bustle and long commutes just weren’t for me – so I decided to move home!”


As Georgie had lived abroad when she was a teenager, her desire to revisit her roots and move back to Manchester proved strong. 


“I love Manchester, my folks still live here and it just made sense. Luckily I moved back at the same time as the hospitality boom of 2013-14, so the rest as they say, was history!”


Since returning to the city, Georgie has seen her business go from strength to strength, so what is it about Manchester for her that has such a lasting appeal?


“The community in Manchester is like no other,” said Georgie, “The North, in general, is so welcoming and friendly. Mind you, I’d speak to a brick wall given half the opportunity, but wouldn’t most Mancunians?”


“It’s just in built in us. To chat, be kind and caring. I mean, there’s always exceptions to the rule, but I think that is why a lot of people stay here, and many Southerners come and build their roots here, it’s just a unique way of life.” 


“I’d much rather live and work somewhere where the community as a whole is caring, supportive and nurturing. Just look at how businesses and communities in Manchester supported each other this year, during the pandemic. That just gives you a snippet of how wonderful Manchester truly is.”


While the pandemic has affected many businesses and livelihoods in the creative sector, Georgie isn’t deterred.


“I’d say my favourite thing about Manchester is that is has a real sense of city culture, but within 20 minutes you can venture into South or North Manchester and you’re surrounded by suburban life. I’m a South Manchester girl myself and what i really love about this city is you can get all caught up and ‘busy’ in the City Centre (Well in a non-COVID year!) but then you can escape home for a quieter life.”


Georgie continues, “I love long weekend walks with the dog at Dunham Massey or Lyme Park, but I also love coffee at Ezra + Gil, drinks at Hold Fast and dancing the night away at Mojos – so Greater Manchester caters to every little bit of my personality!”


You can follow Georgie on Instagram @georgieglassphoto or on Twitter @georgieglass_